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Design & Concept Development


It might just be an idea at the moment – no problem. Whatever the component or piece that needs to be precisely engineered, we can design it with you from scratch, producing detailed drawings and 3D modelling to offer total clarity prior to manufacture.

Alternatively, if you have a sample or an existing design, we can manufacture from this, refining the design and even reverse engineering it to give you the result that you need.

Quite simply, Colt Precision can offer you extensive knowledge and experience of working in close partnership with clients, helping them to make their prototype ideas a reality. We might work alongside your design team, helping to refine the design from a precision engineering point of view or we might help to optimise the manufacturing process to ensure that the project is cost effective, reliable and repeatable.

Offering many capabilities in this area, we use SolidWorks 3D CAD design software for modelling whilst we opt for One CNC software when programming is required. We also have access to a broad range of specialist services such as state of the art measuring and 3D printing.

Colt can offer you an abundance of helpful advice and experience to get your precision engineering project successfully to completion.