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April 2019

Investment carries on in 2019 with the purchase of a Doosan Lynx 2100 series Lathe.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

NEWS Doosan Lynx.jpg

The compact Doosan lathe adds further to our investment at Colt Precision. It is a next-generation compact 6”/8”/10″ chuck Lynx 2100 series lathe delivering exceptional productivity, flexibility, and reliability.

The machine's performance is enhanced by advanced (high torque) spindle technology, fast servo-driven turret indexing; impressive rapid rates, and high-rigidity LM roller guides. Offering a proven, fast, and high accuracy mill and turn solution to meet our customers’ needs.

This impressive machine we now have at Colt Precision enables us to explore new concepts, develop groundbreaking methods, and take on the most demanding of CNC Mill and Turn services.

We are now better prepared and resourced to handle much more production as well as development work from our existing and new customers.

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