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July 2023

Work Experience Month At Colt Precision - Supporting The Future Of Engineering

Thursday, July 20, 2023


In July we welcomed 3 different students into Colt for them to get a taster of working in an engineering environment. One of our guests, Oliver, is currently in year 10 and thinking about his next steps after GCSES Whilst the other two, Tom and Harry are both in year 12 and are interested in studying engineering at a university level. 

Here's what Harry had to say about his experience.

"while it only being for 3 days, I feel as though I have learnt so much in this experience, not only was everyone I met kind and inviting but I felt I had really experienced what's its like to work in the engineering industry. In a few years, I intend to go to university to study engineering. however, actually having industry experience it has given me a much better idea of what its like to work in the field - and its only convinced me further. I want to thank everyone at Colt Precision for their help and guidance, and I would urge anyone to come here if you are looking for work experience in this field"- Harry, 17 

Our general manager Lorraine who supported the three students during their time here said "I am really pleased to see a greater interest in engineering from students, and Colt is keen to help support and to develop students to understand what an exciting career choice engineering can be, they are the key to the future."