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Quality Management

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We firmly believe that precision engineering demands excellent standards at every possible level and we seek to deliver this for each project that we undertake. Proud of our ongoing commitment to quality management, we maintain stringent quality controls in all areas of our business and never accept complacency.

On-site quality professional

With a highly experienced and dedicated quality professional working on-site, we are ensuring that we’re meeting legislation and working to exacting procedures day in, day out.

First Article Inspection reports

We can supply customers with First Article Inspection reports on request, demonstrating extremely detailed inspection to customers’ requirements. This is particularly important when manufacturing aerospace components.

ISO certification

Colt Precision is certified to ISO9001 in addition to ISO13485; the industry standard for medical device quality management. These accolades will not be the end of our recognition for quality management as we work to excel in every area of precision engineering that we work in.

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